Auramet provides a broad range of personalized services to all industry players, creatively providing innovative solutions that give clients flexibility to manage their businesses more efficiently.
Building strong and loyal relationships has, and will continue to be, the most important part of our business.

Physical Metal Merchant

In 2017, Auramet had revenues of $11 billion, which included buying and selling over 6 million ounces of gold, over 43 million ounces of silver and over 2.3 million ounces of PGMs. As a physical metals merchant Auramet is involved in:

  • Buying from producers including mining companies, refineries and recycling companies.
  • Selling metal to consumers including the industrial, automotive, jewelry and dental industries.
  • Provide pricing and price protection products (hedging) for all industry participants (producers and consumers).

Merchant Banking

Auramet's merchant banking activities include the following financing facilities for customers including:

  • Working capital facilities, in-process refining facilities, pre-production advances, bridge facilities, pre-export financings.


Auramet is involved in providing the following corporate finance advisory services:

  • Arranging project finance loans with financial institutions including:
    1. Structuring facilities to match lending market
    2. Arranging banking syndicates
    3. Preparing information memoranda for project financing institutions and
    4. Arranging price protection and PRI facilities.
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Asset sales
    • Buy and sell side including running of competitive auction processes for any sale of assets.
  • Strategic corporate finance advisory
    • Assist companies with any specialized advisory work in the metals and mining sector.

Resource Fund Management

  • Auramet manages a Resource Fund that provides:
    1. Bridge Loans
    2. Metal Backed Notes
    3. Convertible Debt
    4. Royalty/Metal Stream Transactions
    5. Private Equity
    6. Distressed Debt Purchases
  • Auramet has successfully closed more than 60 transactions totalling over $600 million. We are a knowledgeable partner in the mining space and our emphasis is on creativity, speed and low financial closing costs.