Auramet provides a broad array of services to the metals industry with a strong focus on expediency, creativity, and exceptional customer service.

We pride ourselves on upholding the highest levels of professional, moral, and ethical business practices.

Physical Metal Merchant

Primary and Secondary Producers:
  • We buy physical precious metals in a variety of forms (bullion, doré, concentrate, scrap, sponge, carbon) from mining companies, refineries, and recycling companies.
  • We sell to bullion banks, refineries, catalyst manufacturers, automobile companies, and other industrial end users.
Supply and Risk Management
  • Auramet provides price protection products (including forwards, caps, collars, options, etc.) for all industry participants.

Merchant Banking

Auramet’s precious metal financing facilities consist of:

  • Working Capital Facilities
  • In-Transit/ In-Process Refining Facilities
  • Pre-Production Advances
  • Bridge Facilities
  • Pre-Export Financings
  • Gold/Silver Loans

Advisory Services

Auramet arranges project finance and M&A advisory services:

I. Debt Structuring

  • Structuring Facilities to match the lending market
  • Arranging Banking Syndicates
  • Preparing information memoranda for financing institutions
  • Arranging Price Protection and Political Risk Insured Facilities

II. Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Corporate and asset acquisitions, including initial review and evaluations
  • Transaction structuring and negotiation
  • Development and implementation of a financing plan

III. Asset Sales

  • Identifying and, eliminating potential buyers and sellers
  • Running competitive auction processes
  • Advising on divestment strategies, valuations, bid analysis, transaction negotiations, and the overall sales process

Resource Fund Management

Auramet manages a lending fund that provides:

  • Short/Medium Term Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Metal Backed Notes (Gold Loans, etc.)
  • Convertible Debt
  • Metal Stream Transactions